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"The killers belonged to the small and withdrawn Ashkenazi community, they practiced their own rites, quite different from those used by the native Italian Jews; these rites were faithfully reproduced in their confessions, though they were not known to the Crime Squad of the day. These liturgical formulas in Hebrew with a strong anti-Christian tone cannot be projections of the judges who could not know these prayers, which didn't even belong to Italian rites but to the Ashkenazi tradition... Toaff discovered many cases of such bloody sacrifices connected with the mutilation of children, outpouring of blood and its baking in Matzo (unleavened bread) spanning five hundred years of European history. Blood, this magic drink, was a popular medicine of the time... There was a thriving market in such delicacies as blood, powder made of blood and bloody matzo. Jewish vendors sold it accompanied with rabbinic letters of authorization; the highest value was blood of a goy katan, a gentile child, much more usual was blood of circumcision. Toaff improved upon Yuval by stressing the ordinary magic use of blood by Jews in the Middle Ages, and by allowing for the anti-Christian element: crucifixion of victims and the cursing of Christ and Virgin. Here his book is supported by (admittedly, more timid) Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence by Elliott Horowitz. Horowitz tells his reader of strange rituals: flagellation of the Virgin, destruction of crucifixes and the beating up and killing of Christians... We can look at the past and say: yes, some Jewish wizards and mystics practiced human sacrifices. They murdered children, mutilated their bodies and used their blood in order to outpour Divine Wrath on their non-Jewish neighbours. They mocked Christian rites by using Christian blood instead of blood of Christ. The Church and the people all over Europe were right. The Europeans (and the Arabs, and the Russians) weren't crazy bigots, they understood what they saw. They punished the culprits but they left the innocent in peace... We can also dismiss with shudder the whining of Israel's friends when they want us not to see the Jenin Massacre or Qana Massacre for yes, exactly, this is like the "blood libel", i.e. not a libel at all."The amazing thing is that none of the Rabbis who committed this terrible crime repented or felt that they committed a crime. The explanation for this is found in the Talmud... According to the Talmud, Jewish souls are more precious to God than other souls, because the souls of non-Jews are devilish and resemble animal souls. They believe the non-Jews are like dogs, donkeys, and bulls and that their homes are mangers and that they are profane souls whose lives are worthless which is why it is permitted to murder, slaughter, cheat, deceive, steal from, and beat them, rape their wives and mock them." "These [Jewish] convictions justify in their eyes, the murder of Father Toma and his servant Ibrahim Amara. This also explains what we see on TV screens where Israeli occupation armies kill children mercilessly while chewing gum as if they are on a trip or at a ball... not as if they kill human beings, rather as if they were killing stray animals in accordance with the religious law set forth in the Talmud..."I do not necessarily buy the "blood matzo" story of the Jews who confessed to the murder of Father Toma because Jews are not permitted to consume the blood of gentiles (i.e. animals) lest they acquire their animal spirits. That is what "keeping kosher" is all about. I think that the "blood matzo" thing may be a medieval form of disinformation, a gimmick, for what Jew would believe that another Jew would consume the blood of a gentile when the Talmud says that gentiles are animals? That would not be a kosher thing to do and so the Jewish killer would get support from the Jewish community if he confessed this under torture. I do believe that they killed Father Toma for a ritual sacrifice, however, because the Talmud clearly states that the killing of Christians is a "necessary sacrifice." It is true that the Mohel will suck the bloody penis of a Jewish child during circumcision but since the Jewish child is considered to be a human being (which a gentile is not) then that would be in keeping with Jewish law. Jesus Christ himself tells us that when Christians symbolically drink his blood, it is the life (holy ghost or divine spirit) of Christ which gives the believer eternal life. It is this vital principle, or divine spirit which keeps the vampire alive in the legend of Dracula, even though vampires do not like to be crossed. 

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