Вадим, 43
From Rostov-on-Don. Was online this week
I will meet:a girl, 26 - 60 years old
Make him a "Compliment" to attract attention
привет всем,самом деле у меня возрост не правилно написанно,у мея 40,Я вас люблю девочки целую Фото в албоме друга , партнер любовница в одном
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About me
Height:177 cm
Weight:70 kg
Ethnicity:Caucasus native
Languages spoken:English, Русский
Sexual Orientation:heterosexual
Smoking:I am quitting smoking
Drinking Habits:social drinker
Kids:I have kids, we live separately
Income:high income
Living Situation:separate apartment (rented or own)
Zodiac sign:Virgo
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