Кот Барбосов
Кот Барбосов, 51
From Nuremberg
I will meet:a girl, 26 - 50 years old
Make him a "Compliment" to attract attention
On returning I can't believe this world is still turning The pressure's on Because the pleasure hasn't gone And I'm, Not sorry for For the things I've done And I'm not looking for Just anyone The woman of my dreams She, she never came along The woman of my dreams Well, there never was one... ту с кем можно подолгу разговаривать или просто молчать...
  • душа
  • искусство
  • свобода
  • музыка
  • зарубежная проза
  • Секс
  • Ежедневный секс
About me
Height:189 cm
Weight:84 kg
Education:Higher education
Languages spoken:English, Deutsch, Русский
Sexual Orientation:heterosexual
Smoking:I smoke
Drinking Habits:social drinker
Kids:I have kids, we live separately
Income:stable average income
Living Situation:separate apartment (rented or own)
Zodiac sign:Gemini
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