Added 11/20/09, 12:12

    These are the figures I bought a week ago. They cost about $100 but I didn't regret the money at all! Aren't they absolutely beautiful?! The one on the right is Atlas who is evidently intended to bear a candle, it's a comparatively cheap Chinese imitation bronze made of stone with a special coat. But the second boy is a long-time dream of mine! He is made of Italian bronze with a velvet foundation bottom! His body is totally fantastic! The saleswoman herself couldn't even remember a proper name from Greek mythology to give to that boy! I suggested that she should call him Adonis for his extreme beauty and she agreed. I keep looking at this body, unable to take my eyes off it. How I wish I had the same! Now I'm going to buy one more Atlas. Let them both stand with candles and light up my Adonis!

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