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    21 JulyHere's one of the cases when I'm absolutely unable to express not even what I feel or think but even what just happens in my life! Here it's starting a new love affair! A new one after 2 years of loneliness and silence. And again it begins with Internet! Sometimes this huge dunghill gives pleasant surprises, indeed! Too seldom, unfortunately. Or not?? His messages are exciting, his pictures are quite... lookable, at least, he's not a Brad Pitt but not a Gerard Depardieu, either! And he's agreeable enough, I like it! What I'm gonna do FIRST is to make an amazing "semi-blind" date with this guy! And then make him fall in love with me. And only God knows how it will end!24 JulySo, what am I to say?... Is it a real love or not?... We met on Jul22. At first glance I understood that his picts had been lying as he was much more attractive in reality. First, he's half a head above me, so it was the first time in my life when I had to rise up my eyes while talking to another guy! Sorry, I won't mention here other body parts of his that also made me shy! ...We spent that night together in the hotel. And during that night, during the unforgettable sex that we made he said to me, "I feel like falling in love with you!" And if I could disbelieve his words, then not his eyes! Are we meant to save each other from loneliness?... And next day, when we had to part, he almost cried. I feel like a teenager after the first date, doubting, disbelieving and waiting for a miracle. This almost forgotten sensation still lingers here in my head and heart. All I should do is just wait. I should wait...28 JulyLong ago, when I was left and forsaken, my best friend said to me, "Fear not! You'll see, there'll be so many of THEM that you'll never be able to manage them all!" Those words meant to heal my broken heart but now I see, they are true! I'm loved and waited by at least 3 guys! But the problem is that I can't make a steady choice without my soul's bereaving of something important in each case. What shoul I do? Can you advise me anything? Should I choose the youngest? Or the one who loves me most?
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