Joy Talusan
From Naha
♥'me?cute!hehehe,joke.. "well,>im a person dat easy to get along',. maybe because i am a happy perzon',zbi nla.impocbleng di kau mligayahan,.hehehe im not a silent type,.big yes!naman!!! taratitat yata toh noh,. u'll know hu i really i am. ♥ i love hanging out with my frends..zuper! malling, party, ,espacially outing,i wan't to go to place's i've never been.. ..woohh i luv it,...i,.! hehehehe. ♥even if evry1 luks at me as a damn bitch. it dsn't min i am one.. d most crucial thing is how i treat myself. not wat oders think of me.. its not my fault to be better dan d oders. hahahaha.. ♥i'm honest don't hate what you can't imitate! i have my own life and style. ♥im not trying to please you or make you smile. ♥im a person who never wants to be mess around. wahh,.. i hate dat,."di to pa2talo palaban" yata to. if you mess with me, your dead! ah'! try me,. ♥ i hate people who are plastic.wahhh,.. fxet un mga un,. orocan!that they just make frend with me because they need zomething 4m me.ewww!! the hell of them! haha..but 2 da people Hu learned 2 dig deep within me, I became da definition of GOOD ♥to my haters: "get well soon and go to hell"!=p hahaha=) this is real ME!! hazel joy,.. oryt,.
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Interested in: Guy
Age: 21 - 30
Goal: friendship
Languages: English
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